Leandro Moreira is at Redbull Dirt Conquers in Guadalajara Mexico. From all of your us at Primary Threads good luck fella and have fun! Check out his Instgram at @leandro_overall and wish him luck!


It's been awhile since I've sent in an update, andddd not much has really changed since the last one haha... Still slowly chipping away at my video part which is going good! Pretty much halfway there now... Definitely seen some crazy stuff go down by others! Can't wait to see the full product! Heading down to the coast for a week or so on Thursday which will be fun! Hopefully get a bit of riding in if the weather stays dry! Then when I get back, I'll be heading to the ACT jam that backbone will be holding on the 25th and 26th.. Pretty sure there is a bit of a crew coming in from out of town which will be dope! Always good to see some new faces!

He's a setup that the boys and I were hitting a couple of weeks ago



Stephan Sally a straight up dude from our New Jersey Network! Stephan is boss check his latest edit out here. We're looking forward to seeing more from this shredder! Check out his instagram @stphnsalley and see whats up!


Primary Threads are comfy threads! Jenna keeping warm and cozy with our Australian Designed, Made & Produced beanies and socks, want some get some!


Back Bone BMX has organiesd the ACT Jam for 2014! The jam will be massive with heaps of peeps from all over and especially with your support, so lock in the dates 25th-26th April For the riders by the riders! Proudly supported by Primary Threads and heap of our friends, be there!


Brandon has been enjoying the Canadian winter only riding when he can and now that it's almost finished we should see more from him! Recently he managed to tear his kneecap off the joint having more down time for just over a week bummed but he/we are stoked to see him getting back out and enjoy the good weather on his bike!


Happy Birthday to King Renald McQueen today who's been front flipp'n, back flipp'n, spin'n, whip'n, grind'n, hop'n and just straight up shredd'n since he first got on a bike! Much love from all of us bro xo Wish him a happy birthday @renald4 he'd be stoked :)


Max Smithers shreds! Check out one of The Anchor's deck hands latest edit...